Skirting:  For your comfort & to reduce the risk of your lines freezing, it is recommended that you use skirting on your RV. Factory or Custom Made Skirting works best, however some choose to frame around the bottom of their RV and build their own. The use of Straw, Hay Bales or Silt Fence is PROHIBITED!

For Custom Made Skirting, contact Julie Clifton of Finishing Touches Custom Covers & Upholstery at (740) 695-6900. First trip she will come measure your RV. Once she has completed the final product, she will return and install the skirting on your RV. Julie uses quality materials including Stainless Steel Hardware.

Watson's RV Park is an All Season RV Park. It is recommended that you start preparing your RV for winter before the cold weather sets in. Water hook-ups are located beneath the surface in corrugated pipe covered with a green lid. The water valves and regulators at each site are wrapped with weather proof heat wrap and insulation. The heat wraps are plugged into a green extension cord with a Y located below grade so you can plug the heat wrap from your water hose directly into it.

Electric Use:  Lower thermostats when RV is not occupied. Excessive use of Electric will result in a rent increase. The use of electric Heaters on the Exterior or Underneath your RV is PROHIBITED!    

Winter Tips

Water Hoses:  It is recommended that you use a water hose that has the heat wrap built into the hose from the factory. These types of hoses are weather proof and have proven more reliable, thus reducing the risk of shorting and causing the ground fault receptacle to trip. A 25' hose is the appropriate length and any excess hose may be tucked into the corrugated pipe. Any exposed hose should be wrapped with insulation all the way to where it hooks into the RV. These hoses can be purchased online or at most RV Dealers.

If you choose to wrap and insulate your own hose, use only weather proof heat wrap to reduce the risk of shorting. These can be purchased at Lowe's, Online or possibly Tractor Supply.  Follow manufacturer directions being certain to have thermostat against the hose and not dangling in the air.  Wrap the heat tape in the direction starting where it connects to the RV and ending so the plug is located inside the Corrugated Pipe. It can then be plugged into the green extension cord with the Y. Read the directions before wrapping hose, make certain that the thermostat on the wrap is fitted properly against the hose & insulated, not hanging in the cold air.

Make sure your hose goes through the small hole in the Green Cover. Stuff insulation around any excess  space where hose goes through the hole to make air tight as possible. Keep the cover screwed on the Corrugated Pipe at all times.

* Insulate  and make the connection where the water hose connects to the RV as air tight as possible. This is a trouble spot that is frequently overlooked and is usually the first place to freeze.

Winter Use

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Propane:  To avoid the inconvenience of running out of propane & switching and filling your tanks in freezing weather; large propane tanks are available through Suburban Propane (724) 225-6378. It is my understanding that they will deliver, hook-up and fill these tanks.